Coin- or Key-Operated Systems

Operation: Coin System

The Coin-Operated System consists of a solid state predetermining counter which is preset to deliver the amount determined by the utility, driven by a signal transmitter mounted on a water meter of a suitable size and type to suit the rate of flow. The coin box is housed in a weather-proof inclosure. The insertion of proper number of correct coin(s) will activate the system, slugs and bent coins are rejected, as are coind inserted while system is in operation or if for any reason the power supply is off. A main and final shut-off solenoid-controlled valves are sequentially controlled so that in shut-off shock pressures or water hammer does not occur. The solid state Counter can be readily reset if quantity delivered changes are necessary secured by a lock to prevent unauthorized resetting of programming which is maintained on power failure for 60 days minimum with fully charged built-in NiCad battery.

Operation: Key System

The Key-Operated Water Dispensing System consists of a High Security Lock and Totalizers in a weather-proof cabinet which are driven by the signal transmitter on a water meter of a suitable size and types to suit the rate of flow required. The customer inserts his key in his dedicated lock. After he has received his required amount, the key is turned off and the single stage solenoid-controlled valve with closing speed control stops the flow. The customer is billed for amount received at the next billing period.